Sequence container/result set data will not load in navigation panel - OpenLAB CDS Chemstation

Document created by agilent Employee on Jun 1, 2016
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  • In the Chemstation navigation pane the result set (sequence container) was displayed with the 3 blue vial icons, but when loaded, the data files were not displayed in the navigation table.
  • Single files could be loaded by going to file- load signal
  • Found all the files in windows explorer needed to define a result set... methods, batch file, data files, sequence file, etc
  • User was running openlab CDS CS C.01.05[35]



  • Create a new result set.
  • Because the result set was defective, we renamed the .b to .b.old using windows explorer. Thus creating a directory with single injection runs.
  • If you remove/rename the batch file from the result set... it will no longer be recognized by Chemstation as a result set.   In the navigation pane it will be displayed as a directory containing single injection runs.
  • The single injections were loaded into the navigation table, then a new result set was created.
  • The new sequence was corrected for sample type and reprocessed.


Note: we also tried renaming the config.reg, config_off.reg, and the user.config.  see KDB 41873