Tune and Vacuum Control Error: Undefined Symbol ADJ_WIDTH or AXIS

Document created by agilent Employee on May 23, 2016
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If a msd source is cleaned or the column is changed and the MSD is turned back on and pumped down and either of these errors occur try the following.


1. Shut down MSChemStation and then restart the computer.  While it is restarting power cycle both the GC and the MSD.  After both GC and MSD are finished with self test log into windows and start the MSChemStation. 


If this does not alleviate problem try step 2.


2.Close MSChemStation, open windows explorer, go to C:/MSDCHEM/MSSETUP/xxxxx/ and right click on the replacement tune file, i.e. atune.pu or atune.nu, choose copy.  Then go to C:/MSDCHEM/1/xxxxx/ and right click on that folder and choose copy.  Inside the same directory you just chose, rename atune.u to atune.old and then rename atune.pu or atune.nu and rename to atune.u. Close the windows explorer, start MSChemStation and autotune.  This should work.


xxxxx=msd type