Chemstation .CSV generation Decimal Places

Document created by agilent Employee on May 23, 2016
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Sometimes one may wish Chemstation to employ more decimal places in the CSV file it generates. In this example, we discuss how to change it from two to three decimal places.



  1. Alter epa.mac so the quant report displayed the proper number of digits.See KDB 35518.
  2. Locate the file csv.mac under the C:\msdchem\msmacros folder. Make sure you use THIS csv.mac file because there is a different file name csv.mac in the gcmacros folder, too.
  3. Make a safe copy of the correct csv.mac file. (Perhaps copy it to csv_backup.mac).
  4. Edit the correct csv.mac file:
    1. Find this line:
    2. Change it to:


This will add the third decimal place in the csv file.