LC Part Numbers

Version 4

    Sometimes it can be difficult to find the part number for a particular part. Here is a table of parts and their part numbers for LC (liquid chromatography) instruments.


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    NOTE: this information is not necessarily validated by Agilent engineers, but is provided to the community in the spirit of cooperation.


    Relevant instrument(s)Part NumberPart descriptionPart image
    G1367A/B/C5067-1540Nut and ferrule for the loop in a G1367A/B/C as it connects to the analytical head. SS Hex Head Nut with PEEK Ferrule 6/pkg
    G4212Ag4212-68001LC pressure relief valve, G4212A system
    1290 ALS (G4226A)5067-4638Inline filter for the 1290 Automated Liquid handling System (ALS)
    1290 ALS (G4226A)5023-0271Frit for the 1290 Automated Liquid handling System (ALS)