GC Part Numbers

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Sometimes it can be difficult to find the part number for a particular part. Here is a table of parts and their part numbers for GC instruments. For GC/MS instruments, please be sure to see GC/MS Part Numbers.


Let's build it up to make it useful for everyone. If you would like to add parts information, please click "Edit" at the right, add your entry, and then click "Publish". Moderators may need to approve it before it goes public. NOTE: this information is not necessarily validated by Agilent engineers, but is provided to the community in the spirit of cooperation.



Relevant instrument(s)Part NumberPart descriptionPart image
5181-8866Plunger Button (Package of 10). Used when you have an ALS syringe and want to do manual injections.


5190-2292Ultra Inert Liner, UI,splitless,single taper, no wool
5190-2293Ultra Inert Liner,UI,splitless,sngle taper,glasswool
5190-2294Ultra Inert Liner, UI,split, straight, glass wool
5190-2295Ultra Inert Liner,UI,universal,low pressure drop,GW
5190-3162Ultra Inert Liner, UI,spltls,sngl tpr, no wool,5/pk
5190-3163Ultra Inert Liner,UI,splitless,single taper,GW, 5/pk
5190-3164Ultra Inert Liner,UI,split,straight,Glass Wool, 5/pk
5190-3165Ultra Inert Liner,UI,universal,low prss drop,GW,5/pk
5190-3166Ultra Inert Liner, UI,spltss,sngl tpr, no wool,25/pk
5190-3167Ultra Inert Liner,UI,splitless,sngle taper,GW,25/pk
5190-3168Ultra Inert Liner, UI, split, straight, GW, 25/pk
5190-3169Ultra Inert Liner,UI,universal,low prss drp,GW,25/pk