Agilent Ultimate Plus Fused Silica Tubing

Version 1

    Application Note



    Deactivated fused silica tubing is widely used for guard columns, transfer lines, or long retention gaps in GC and GC/MS applications with heavy matrix, and for analysis of semivolatile compounds [1,2,3,4]. High inertness is a key requirement of tubing for the accurate and reproducible measurement of more reactive compounds at trace levels to minimize analyte degradation and reduce peak tailing. Building on experience in developing deactivation chemistries for capillary tubing, Agilent has released a novel fused silica for GC and GC/MS applications. This Ultimate Plus deactivation technology elevates surface deactivation to a new level. This technical overview describes the testing of the Agilent Ultimate Plus deactivated tubing and compares it to tubing from another supplier, using two procedures:

    • Chromatographic test for inertness, by measuring peak asymmetry and relative recoveries of several compounds
    • Temperature stability and flexibility test for robustness, by assessing the change in color of the polyimide coating of different tubing observed after 72 or 144 hours of thermal exposure to 360 °C. In addition, the flexibility of tubing before and after temperature stability testing was also investigated, during which the tubing was destroyed by extreme bending.


    Publication number: 5991-5142EN

    Publication Date: September 5, 2014