How to search for materials and automatically create links to them ("at mention")

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@-mentioning: An easy way to conduct a search
and create a link to your result


Browsing around the community, you will see references to people, places, and content that have little symbols next to them and are blue to indicate they are hyperlinked to original sources:

testuserCommunity HelpAtMention_00_Discussion.pngHow to upload a poster

It's very easy to create such links yourself, and the references you provide benefit you and your readers in a number of ways:

  • You don't have to leave your editor to conduct a search
  • You don't have to copy/paste URLs to provide links
  • You don't have to type the full text of the reference - the software automatically fills it all in
  • @-mentioning a person sends them an alert that they've been mentioned, and provides them a handy link to the item you've written. It's a great way of bringing people into a conversation!


Here's how you do it:

For a Person:

  1. Type the character "@":
  2. Type part of the name of the person or item to which you wish to link. A menu pops up with a list of relevant people, places, and content:
  3. Click on your selection (in this case, a person, who will receive an email - please don't do this too often, which would annoy them). Here's the result:

That's really all there is to it! You can continue and make multiple references to people, places, and content in one post.


A Place:

  1. Type "@" and part of the name of a place.
  2. Click your selection and see the result:

For a Document or Discussion:

  1. Type "@" and a term in the title, tags, or body of the content item. In this case, we're interested in ultra inert GC columns, so start typing "ultra". It works just like a search!
  2. If you get too many results after typing one word, type "_" and add more terms to refine your search. You can also click "See 5 more" at the bottom to get more choices.
  3. When you click you choice, the system will fill out the full title of the item and the whole thing will link to the original community document:

Wrap it up and click the Publish/Post/Add Reply button and see your well-formatted, well-linked post:


Very simple, very effective! Called "at-mentioning" when spoken, but written as "@-mentioning".