Benefits of EMR—Lipid Cleanup with Enhanced Post Treatment on Pesticides Analysis by GC/MS/MS

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    Agilent Bond Elut Enhanced Matrix Removal—Lipid (EMR—Lipid) is a next-generation sample preparation product designed for the selective cleanup of lipids in fatty samples. The product is implemented in a convenient dispersive solid phase extraction (dSPE) format for the treatment of extracts from widely accepted workfl ows such as QuEChERS and protein precipitation. The EMR protocol is modified after the EMR—Lipid cleanup, with the use of anhydrous MgSO4 in a pouch format. Anhydrous MgSO4 is used for the separation of the aqueous and acetonitrile solvent phases, and the subsequent drying step to completely remove residual water and any water-soluble residues. The enhanced post-sample treatment has signifi cant impact on GC-type applications by improving instrumental analysis reproducibility, especially for labile analytes. This study investigates the modified EMR protocol for the analysis of GC amenable pesticides in avocado by GC/MS/MS. The modified EMR protocol improves instrumental analytical reproducibility, reliability, and long-term usability, especially for labile pesticides, while maintaining high matrix removal effi ciency and acceptable analyte recovery


    Publication number: 5991-6707EN

    Publication Date: March 10, 2016