How to ... report the output of a category aggregator  (OpenLAB CDS Intelligent Reporting)

Version 1

    The output of a category aggregator calculation results sometimes can be challenging:


    • A simple aggregator aggregates an array of results into a single value (e.g. average, sum, minimum , etc.)  This result can be easily reported as a single value field


    • A category aggregator aggregates an array of results into a smaller array (e.g. average per compound, sum per compound, minimum per compound, etc.)  A peak result table can be used to report the results, but many rows appear duplicated and contain redundant information


    Solution:  Generate a result list, instead of a table.  See attached schema how a list gets extended by a repeated group around a set of column values.


    Note: Do not miss to clear the aggregator at the end. Average values containing more base values than expected are typically caused by a aggregator that was not cleared.




    (originally posted in OpenLAB Forum:

    2014 December 2 by Bernhard Etrich)