How to...document a report template definition and calculation formulas on paper? (OpenLAB CDS Intelligent Reporting)

Version 2

    In order to document a report template definition and calculation formulas on paper you can use an undocumented tool being installed as part of OpenLAB CDS.

    • Search your installation directory for TemplateDocumentation.exe
    OpenLAB CDS ChemStation:       \Chem32\CORE
    OpenLAB CDS EZChrom:            \Program Files\Agilent Technologies\EZChrom
    OpenLAB Data Analysis:              \Program Files\Agilent Technologies\OpenLAB Data Analysis\Bin\Reporting
    • Double-click TemplateDocumentation.exe
    • A file open dialog opens where you can browse to the RDL template file

    The output file shows a schematic arrangement of boxes representing the report items and their location in the template. Each box contains a reference number and and details sections describing the content of each box and the related expressions.


    You may also start the tool from the command line offering you additional options:

    • Search your CDS installation directory for Agilent.OpenLab.Reporting.RdlDescriptor.exe  (in case of OpenLAB CDS ChemStation this is\Chem32\CORE)
    • Start a windows command prompt and CD to the directory where Agilent.OpenLab.Reporting.RdlDescriptor.exe is located
    • Start the tool with one or more of the following valid Arguments:


      /inputTemplate ARG :    file from which to generate a description (mandatory)

      /outputPath ARG    :      directory where to put the generated RDLC file

      /pageSize ARG:            output page size ('A4' or 'Letter', defaults to A4)

      /generatePdf:                 generate also a PDF file

      /auditTrail:                      include an audit trail section

      /help:                              display this message


    (originally posted in OpenLAB Forum:

    2014 March 25 by betrich )