How to... add a forced page break (OpenLAB CDS Intelligent Reporting)

Version 2

    The Report Template Editor allows adding forced page breaks after tables or groups of report items. Check the table or group properties to do so.

    In order to drag & drop a page break item from the report item tree, you may to define your own composite group for later re-use.

    • Load the attached report template Forced Page Break.rdl
    • In the editor window: Right-click the outer frame and select Save Composite Group
    • Save the composite group as Page Break

    A new composite group appears in the tree view. It can be used with any other template to insert a forced page break by dragging & dropping this composite group.


    Note:  The composite groups are stored in the Windows user profile and these steps may need to be repeated for other Windows users.


    (originally posted in OpenLAB Forum:

    2014 January 22 by betrich)