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Use the Agilent Community to showcase your work and your expertise! If you have prepared a poster for a conference or other meeting, and if the conference organizer allows it*, go ahead and upload your document to give it extra visibility. It's easy! These instructions are details, but it should take less than 5 minutes.



  1. Prepare your file as a PDF. Uploading a Powerpoint will work, but it risks that others will edit your presentation and use your template. Also, it helps if you scale your document so it conveniently fits on a conventional piece of printer paper (8.5x11" or A4) before uploading. Uploading a full-size document will work, but your readers will have to zoom out considerably to view it easily.
  2. Navigate to the User Contributions area.
  3. Click the "Actions" link on the right side of the second toolbar, and pull it down to "Files".
  4. Here is the view you should see
    1. A top field with a "Click to select files" link
    2. The "Tags" field, where you tag your file with keywords to help people find it
  5. Click the "Click to select your files" document, and browse to select your poster pdf document.
  6. Once you select your file, your view will change to include new fields for the Title and Description (see below)
  7. Edit your Title and Description
    1. Your title should be the real title of your poster. Also, it helps to add authors and conference information in parentheses at the end. In this case, the full title is Recent Advances in the Analysis of Pyrethroid Insecticides in Surface Water and Sediments by Tandem GC/MS (Conjelko & Bauman, ASMS 2011).
    2. For the Description, copy/paste the abstract of your poster. It will also help to add a couple of lines to list all authors by their full names with institutional affiliations, and spell out the full name and year of the event where the poster was presented. A nice touch: @-mention yourself and other authors who are community members so readers get easy links to author profiles; see @mentioning.
  8. In the "Tags" area, start typing some keywords to help people find your poster. You'll discover that as you start typing, the system will propose some existing tags. Either click to choose the best among those or hit Return after typing the full term to create a new tag.
  9. OPTIONAL: Restrict authorship so no one else can edit your document. Click "Advanced Options", then click "Restrict authors."
  10. Click the big "Publish" button at the bottom!
  11. Here's what your new Community document should look like, including a preview of your PDF:
  12. Share your poster with other relevant areas of the community.


BONUS: Spread the word!

  • Click "Feature on your profile" to showcase it as one of your best contributions
  • Click one of the social media icons to announce the URL for the content on social media.




*You may not upload materials for which you do not have permissions to share publicly. Some meeting organizers do not allow posters to be shared after presentation, but others, such as the American Chemical Society, acknowledge that the poster author retains copyright and may upload it to the Agilent Community, as long as it is uploaded after it is shown at an ACS meeting.