Features coming with the next release of IR in ChemStation/EZChrom and New Data Analysis (2013 August 01 OpenLAB Intelligent Reporting)

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Here a short preview on coming features:


Full expression support for the value part of a filter. For filter at tables, composite groups etc you can now enter an expression in the value part. Before you could only have fixed values. This makes filter design really simple - especially for interactive reports since you can now also use report parameters in the filter value. See the example below:


Support for custom assemblies. If you are an advanced IR programmer you can now add your own custom assemblies (.NET dll's) to the report template. This will allow you to extend the reporting with you own .NET code (for example for special calculations). The exprsssion editor will allow to access these function and embed them into an expression:



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2013 August 1

by rhonsberg)