How to .... generate PDF Bookmarks  (OpenLAB CDS Intelligent Reporting)

Version 2

    Intelligent Reporting of OpenLAB CDS A.01.04 introduced a new feature document map labels.


    You can use document map labels to generate PDF Bookmarks for quick navigation in PDF reports and the report preview.


    The document map labels can be defined in the advanced group properties dialog. You can enter a free text or the data field item you have chosen for group repetition.


    • Tip: Document map labels defined on nested groups result in a sub-structured bookmark tree view.
    • Tip:  Time stamps used as document map labels (re-calibration time, calibration reports) are printed in UTC time format. To convert them to local time use the following function:
      Don't mind the syntax error warning  ....



    (originally posted in OpenLAB Forum:

    2012 June 27

    by betrich