How to ... refer to compound specific constants stored in a larger table

Version 1

    With OpenLAB CDS 2.0 it will be possible to refer to an external constant file in order to use externally stored parameters in calculations or reports.


    With OpenLAB CDS A versions you could follow a 2 step approach to embed such a list of compound specific parameters into your report template:


    1. Define an internal report parameter to store the constants. The name/value pairs need to be entered as a single long string, where the name and values are separated by e.g. a semicolon.   (Benzene;98.0;Toluene;97.5;.....)


    2.  Define a group repeat based on compound names and extract the constant from the string and store it in a variable with "compound name" as a unique key value


    Syntax to find  the compound specific start position of recovery value in the parameter string:



    Syntax to extract the compound specific recovery value from start position to the next 4 characters.



    In order to use the attached example template you require a method with identified or calibrated peaks named Benzene and Toluene (mind the spelling!). This template can be used with OpenLAB CDS A.01.05 or higher.


    (originally posted in OpenLAB Forum:

    2015 June 3 by Bernhard Etrich)