How to ... add a percent sign to a PRSD number.

Version 2

    The output of the PRSD aggregator is the relative standard deviation expressed as percent. However, the % sign is not shown per default and the output is formatted as a string, but not a number.

    There are 2 solutions:

    • add a +“ %“  expression to the string expression


    • Change the expression  =Prsd(Area(Sample_Name))  to =0.01*val(Prsd(Area(Sample_Name)))
    • Format the field as %



    • The val() command converts the string to a number and so you can apply a %age format to this number.
    • When formatting a number a %age, it gets automatically multiplied by 100.  Hence, a number that is already expressed as % needs to be multiplied by 0,01 to avoid a duplicated conversion

    The second approach also allows you to store the result as a variable for further calculation usage.


    (originally posted in OpenLAB Forum:

    2015 January 16 by betrich)