Calibration History Report (OpenLAB CDS)

Version 3

    The attached calibration history EE.rdl file is an example template generating a calibration history report across a single sequence. The report is compound-centric and shows the calibration history for each compound.



    The DAmethod modifcation time stamp is used as citerion to identify a recalibration. It is desgined forOpenLAB CDS A.01.04 EZChrom only.


    The calibration curves are filtered by calibration level 2 in order to suppress calaibration curves versions that do not get applied to samples. The filter condition needs to be manually adjusted to the highest calibration level of your method.

    There is no possibilty to filter the grouped chromatograms by e.g. Last(DAmethmodification_time) or use a custom variable inside a fitler condition.


    Note: OpenLAB CDS A.01.04 ChemStation uses a new specific recalibration time stamp that should be used instead of the DA method modifcation time stamp. An example template will be posted soon.



    The attached template supports OpenLAB CDS A.01.04 ChemStation.:      2012_0716_Calibration+history+CS.rdl

    ChemStation Example PDF attached:                                                        2012_0716_calibration+history+CS.pdf


    (originally posted in OpenLAB Forum:

    2012 July 16

    by betrich)