How to.... do bracketing calibration calculation within the report template (OpenLAB CDS Intelligent Reporting)

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Setting up reports on bracketed calibrations could be a challenge as calibration runs belong to multiple result groups and the association to 2 result groups cannot be achieved by e.g category aggregators.


The following describes a simple but effective workaround:

  • Introduce a sample related custom field called “bracket ID”. Use a text type custom field.
  • Do not use the ChemStation’s bracketing feature but set up the sequence in a ‘rolled’ out manner, like
    STD, Sample 1, Sample2, Sample 3,STD, Sample 4, Sample 5, Sample 6, STD, Sample 7, Sample 8, Sample 9,STD,…
  • Fill the bracket ID custom field for each sequence line. Standards that belong to 2 brackets should get 2 labels, e.g. comma separated:

Sample      BracketID

STD                       01

Sample 1              01

Sample 2              01

Sample 3              01

STD                       01,02

Sample 4              02

Sample 5              02

Sample 6              02

STD                       02,03

Sample 7              03

Sample 8              03

Sample 9              03

STD                      03


  • In the report template you could use a CONTAINS filter condition and apply it to the custom field.
  • Generate a result table for bracket 1, including all calculations. When everything is done, copy the result table and change the filter condition to bracket ID 2 and so on.


Unfortunately, there is no FOR/NEXT functionality to loop the result table based on the bracket ID. However, the setup is not too complicated in case of 5 or 6 brackets per sequence.



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2012 July 10

by betrich