How to attach files to a discussion, question, document, or blog

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Sharing files is useful

Oftentimes when you're seeking help, describing your situation in words or even displaying an image just doesn't do everything you need to get your answer. In such situations, you may want to attach a file to your question or comment. Here some examples of such situations:

  • Maybe you'd like some concrete help from others who know how to improve your data analysis; share your data files and see what other people can to process it!.
  • Maybe you're troubleshooting a method and someone asks to share the method file.
  • Maybe your troubleshooting an instrument error and someone asks to share a log file.

In the spirit of open cooperation, it's best to share those files in the community instead of through private channels. Besides, the Community allows you to share files up to 100 MB - much bigger than you can share over email!

Attaching files is easy!

  1. First, start creating your Discussion, Document, File or Blog (where available). Do this by first navigating to the Space where you want to place your item, then either:
    1. Click the "pencil" icon in the top navigation bar, pull it down to "Create...", and choose the item type you want.
    2. Click the "Actions" tab in the lower navigation bar, pull it down to "Create...", and choose the item type you want.
  2. Edit your text and, if desired, insert images
  3. In the LOWER-RIGHT CORNER of your editor, locate  and click the "Attach" link:
  4. You'll get a file browser. Locate your data file and select it by clicking "Open":
    If you need to attach a folder, please zip/compress it into a single file before attaching it.
  5. You'll see your file attached to the lower-left corner of your editor page:
  6. You're done! Continue editing your item and click "Publish" as normal. Here's what is looks like in your item's lower-left corner when you're done:
    FileSuccessfullyAttached_final view.JPG