GC/MS Part Numbers

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Sometimes it can be difficult to find the part number for a particular part. Here is a table of parts and their part numbers for GC/MS instruments.


Let's build it up to make it useful for everyone. If you would like to add parts information, please click "Edit" at the right, add your entry, and then click "Publish". Moderators will need to approve it before it goes public. NOTE: this information is not necessarily validated by Agilent engineers, but is provided to the community in the spirit of cooperation.



  Drain plug O-ring for Agilent DS42 rough pump.  0905-1515

Relevant instrument(s)Part NumberPart descriptionPart image
59750905-1463high vac gauge tube O-ring
G3870-80061When updating from the new duo mist filter to the older recomended blue filter there is an oil return line that must be capped off. Order G3870-80061 or substitute a uECD/TCD detector plug 5060-9055.


5975/5977A/5977B0905-1619Drain plug O-ring For Pfeiffer pumps on Single Quad systems
5973Drain plug O-ring.
5975G1099-20027HV Feedthrough Nut 3/8x32 ultem Black  (HED Feed Through Nut)
5973G1099-20027HV Feedthrough Nut 3/8x32 ultem Black  (HED Feed Through Nut)
5975, 7000G3170-65404The CI source for a G7000 is the same as a 5975.
597305971-80103Electron Multiplier Replacement Horn.
5973G1099-80012High Volt Feedthrough

MSD Transfer Line Extension Cable. The part number for the heater cable assembly, that connects the 6890 to the MSD Transfer line cable is G1530-60790.



5181-3308Long No Hole Ferrule ( used for MSD), pk of 10
5190-4054Short No Hole Ferrule ( used for GC), pk of 10
5181-7458Short Ferrule, individual
G3452-60570Inert S/SL Shell Weldment (treated by Restek for Agilent, cannot be cleaned with gun brush)
G3452-60586Inert S/SL Insert Weldment (treated by Restek for Agilent, cannot be cleaned with gun brush)
6890G1580-00070Valve Driver Bracket
68901390-1023Capture screws M4x12mm, Torx T20
6890G1530-60660Valve Driver wiring harness
6890G1530-60790MSD cable, heated zone