Determination of Diisocyanates in Plastics Used in Textile Products Using the Agilent 6410B LC/MS/MS

Version 1

    (prepared in collaboration with Agilent as Application Note 5991-5903EN)

    by Dr. riccardo.dallanese, Dr. Franchi Andrea, and Dr. Giuseppe Bartolini

    - Buzzi Laboratorio Analisi; Prato, Italy



    Many textile products have surface coatings of plastic material that are used to

    give materials a particular aesthetic finish. Among the most widely used polymers

    are polyurethanes, which are generally obtained from monomers consisting of diisocyanates

    (eg. 2,4-TDI). The proposed analytical method enables a range of free

    diisocyanates to be easily determined using a simple derivatization procedure and

    analysed by LC/MS/MS