Find More, Miss Less: Accurately Identify Suspect Chemical Contaminants

Version 2

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    Today’s environmental analysis must be done more reliably, more efficiently, and with higher quality results than ever before. Unfortunately, pharmaceuticals, PCPs, pesticides, and other potentially toxic compounds can be difficult to detect in environmental and biological matrices. To complicate matters, commercial electron ionization (EI) spectral libraries do not always contain the mass spectral data necessary to identify compounds of interest. Harness the power of accurate mass for identifying emerging (or evolving) contaminants The accurate mass MS/MS spectra generated by the Agilent 7200 Series GC/Q-TOF facilitates structural correlation by enabling you to establish relationships between fragment ions. This high-resolution system can operate in MS/MS mode at fast acquisition rates, while maintaining mass accuracy–so you can acquire numerous MS/MS for every peak and reduce the need for multiple runs.

    What’s Inside?

    In this compendium, you’ll find current and emerging applications covering compounds such as pesticides, SVOCs, and sucralose. And as always, our product and application experts are available to help you maximize productivity, while maintaining stringent regulatory standards.


    Publication number: 5991-6489EN.pdf

    Publication Date: December 10, 2015