A Multi-omic Approach to Reveal the Effect of Low-level Gamma Radiation on Rice Seeds

Version 3

    Application Note



    This Application Note describes the workflow for identifying the stress-related transcriptomics and metabolomics biomarkers in rice using Agilent multi-omics solutions. We studied the effects of low-level gamma radiation on seeds of rice plants grown in Iitate farm (ITF) of Iitate village in Fukushima prefecture, using Agilent sample preparation consumables, instrumentation, and software tools. We generated high quality transcriptomics/metabolomics data, and integrated them using Agilent GeneSpring/Mass Profiler Professional (MPP) 13.1 Software. The combined multi-omics analysis revealed modulation of several metabolic and defense pathways related to the stress response of plants. Our results suggest that the rice plants grown in radionuclide-contaminated soil form seeds with an elevated defense capability against stress. This study demonstrates the Agilent multi-omics workflow for performing gene expression and metabolite analysis on samples derived from plant sources.


    Publication number: 5991-6416EN.pdf

    Publication Date: December 1, 2015