EI filament P/N G7005-60061 replaces both previous EI filaments

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(dated March 2015)


Currently there are 2 EI filaments for the GCMS:

EI          (P/N G3170-60050)

EI RIS     (P/N G7005-60050)


Beginning May 1, 2013  only one filament was sold:

EI            (P/N G7005-60061)



As of March 2015, there were two EI filaments. They are different in the dimensions of the base and the length of the ss posts below the base.



Today, the standard filament and the RIS version of that filament differ only in the dimensions of the base and the length of the ss posts below the base.   The filaments were replaced with one that fits the requirements of both the Ei and EI RIS. The  newer filament, (G7005-60061) shares the alumina base that fits the dimensional requirements of the RIS source.


BEFORE: 2 filaments for the EI GCMS:

EI            (P/N G3170-60050)

EI RIS     (P/N G7005-60050)


AFTER May 1, 2015. only one filament:

EI            (P/N G7005-60061)


In addition to the simplification of the portfolio, which eliminates the need for a unique EI RIS filament,there are advantages to use of the new alumina base.  Through the insertions and removal of the Ion Source, the RIS filament can be subject to torsional stress and strain which in some cases can result in breakage of the base.  The new alumina base is up to 5 times stronger and eliminates almost all breakage risk to the filament. In addition the new EI  filament will have chamfered tips on the post to ease insertion


Additional Information:

The serial number on the EI had been on the tab welded to the post. The serial number now will be laser etched on the base. The functional component of the EI filament is the four coil rhenium wire -  this part is not changing