Reprocessing data using a new calibration table

Version 2


    Users will run sequences to collect data and have a calibration table that does not pick up all or any of the peaks. They then create a new calibration table in a method that works correctly but they need to go back and reprocess the previously collected data files.  This is when they find out it uses the calibration file from the DA.M inside each data file that has been previously processed.



    To have the ChemStation reprocess the data files with the corrected calibration table they need to do the following:

    • Create the method with the calibration table that will find all the peaks.
    • Give this method a name that is not the same as the method used previously in the sequence.
    • Load this new method
    • Browse to the sequence container and load the new method into it
    • Recalibrate
    • Process the sequence

    You should now get the correct results from the calibration table.