How to free up licenses after License Check message on Agilent Lab Advisor Software

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This Information Applies To: Agilent Lab Advisor Software



When connecting your LC instrument with the Agilent Lab Advisor Software, a pop up message may appear called 'License Check'. The message prevents you from connecting the Lab Advisor software to the LC.


The message can be as following (Figure 1): 

  • 11 modules configured, but only licenses for 10 available
  • 12 modules configured, but only licenses for 10 available
  • 13 modules configured, but only licenses for 10 available

So basically, -any number above 10- modules configured, but only licenses for 10 available.


Agilent Lab Advisor exists in multiple versions, currently there are only two versions available. One of the differences, is the number of licenses available.

  • Lab Advisor Basic - 10 Licenses (see bottom-right corner on Figure 1)
  • Lab Advisor Advanced - Unlimited licenses

A unique combination of type and serial number for each configured device or modules is counted and tracked in the license module of the software. For each configured module, a license is deducted from the total number of available licenses. As mentioned, this can be tracked in the bottom-right corner of the software.


                                                                                                                         Figure 1 Error message 'License Check'




1. Open the Agilent Lab Advisor software and make sure you are not connected to a system.

2. Click Configuration in the left navigation column (Figure 2).

3. Click Licenses in the following navigation menu.

4. Click Permanently delete HW Module on the bottom.

5. Select the modules that you would like to remove. Removing them will free up licenses (in Figure 2 you will see that the licenses go from 16 to 5) and make room for new modules to be configured. Basic version can only remove one at a time, Advanced version can remove multiple.


                                                                                                                                 Figure 2 Steps to free up licenses


You will now be able to reconnect the instrument with the Lab Advisor software.




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