Static Headspace Blood Alcohol Analysis with the G1888 Network Headsapce Sampler

Version 2

    Application Note




    A G1888 Network HeadspaceSampler coupled to a 6890N gas chromatograph was used for the determination of forensics blood alcohols. Standard mixtures in water were used to demonstrate the analysis. Two headspace systems, based on 0.53mm 0.32mm id columns, are described. Isothermal analysis through cycle times below 5min are easily achieved with sufficient resolution to avoid common interferences. A newly automated headspace sampler with 70-sample tray and inert flow path is introduced in this application. Total system control from the GC Chemstation is possible with new 21 CFR part 11 compliant software specific for headspace sampling.


    Publication number: 5989-0959EN

    Publication Date: April 21, 2004