OpenLab CDS(ver. 2.x) Data Exporting as Archive file

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This Information Applies To:  OpenLab CDS (ver. 2.x) system



This article explain how to export CDS2.x data as Archived file

For copying CDS2.x data to another Projects or another CDS2 systems, you can use data export as archive file and import archive file to another system.

You can use this technique for data exchange or troubleshooting purposes.


Archived data file contains whole items of Result Set or Single Injection data.
Exported/Imported CDS2.x data always contain only latest version of data for Workstation Plus or Client/Server systems.
It does not contain older versions inside of Archived files.

For Importing CDS2.x archive file, see also this article: CDS2 Data Importing from Archive file of CDS2.x system


Steps to follow:


  1. Start OpenLab CDS 2.x Data Analysis at your desktop. 
  2. Select Data Selection node and select Import Export tab.
    • Select your data at Data Selection list above window.
  3. Save As window open by executing Export button.
    1. Select arrow mark at selection window and double click to go up upper level.
    2. Select Windows location.
    3. Example C:\Users\Admin  or Select C\Users\[your OS login name]\Desktop
    4. Input file name and execute Save button
    5. Processing to create archive file
  4. Select archive file at your location and copy to your desired location

In case of troubleshooting purpose, please follow guidance from Agilent contact person for uploading URL or procedure to send archive file as email attachments.


Learn more on how to effectively understand your OpenLab CDS (ver. 2.x):

Please refer User Manual documentation (p.124): Agilent OpenLab CDS Workstation Plus(with Content Management) Installation and Configuration. 



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