Changing the Turret of the 7693A Automatic Liquid Sampler

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This Information Applies To: Agilent 7693A Automatic Liquid Sampler



Two turrets are provided with the 7693A injector, the 16-sample standalone turret, and the 3-sample transfer turret used with the 150-sample tray (See Figure 1). You may need to change the turret when the ALS is exchanged, for replacing the syringe carrier assembly, or to add an autosampler tray to your GC.


The standalone turret allows you to analyze up to 16 samples. It holds two solvent positions and one waste bottle position. Two sample positions can be alternately configured for sample preparation. The standalone turret is not compatible with the sample tray.


The transfer turret is designed to work with the sample tray to analyze up to 150 samples. The transfer turret has three sample vial transfer locations; two of which are configurable for use in sample preparation. There are six solvent A positions, four solvent B positions, and five waste positions.


ALS Turrets - Agilent
Standalone Turret (16 Samples)Transfer Turret (3 samples)
Figure 1. Injector Turrets


Steps to follow:


Removing the Turret

 1. Remove all vials from the turret.

 2. Unplug the injector cable and place the injector tower on a parking post.

 3. Open the injector door.

 4. Remove the syringe see Removing and Installing a Syringe on the Agilent 7693A Autosampler

5. While holding the turret in place with your hand, completely loosen the three T- 10       Torx screws that fasten the turret cap to the motor hub.

6. Remove the turret cap.

7. Rotate the turret to the home position (with the turret injector opening facing the          injector carriage)

8. Lift the turret off of the motor hub, then slide out. Avoid contact with the injector           tower when removing the turret.

Remove ALS Turret - Agilent

Figure 2. Removing the turret

 Installing the Turret

 1. Rotate the motor hub so the tabs on the motor hub face outward.

ALS motor hub - Agilent

Figure 3. Injector Motor Hub

1. Motor hub tabs

2. Motor hub


2. When you are going to reinstall the turret, align the inner groove on the turret          with the motor hub tabs, then slide the turret onto the motor hub. The turret              should sit flat on the hub.

3. Reinstall the turret cap. Align the turret cap arms with the turret injector opening      and place the turret cap in place.

4. Tighten the three T- 10 Torx screws.

Install ALS Turret - Agilent

Figure 4. Installing the turret

 5. Install the syringe, see Removing and Installing a Syringe on the Agilent 7693A Autosampler 

 6. Close the injector door.

 7. Remove the injector tower from the parking post and install the injector on the mounting post.

 8. Plug in the injector cable.

 9. When powered on, the injector verifies the turret type. A fault light will show if the turret is not installed correctly.

 10. Align the injector, see How to align the Agilent 7693A GC injector 

 11. If you installed a transfer turret and are using a sample tray, then you must calibrate your ALS system, see How to Calibrate the Agilent 7693A Sample Tray 


Learn more on how to operate your Agilent 7693A Automatic Liquid Sampler:

SI-7693-1100s - Agilent 7693A ALS Basic and Advanced Operation and Maintenance e-Learning course on Agilent University 



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