Creating a new result set from self-assembled result sets - OpenLab CDS (ver 2.x)

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This Information Applies To: OpenLab CDS (ver. 2.x)



This article describes for how to create a new result set by combining multiple result sets with OpenLab CDS (ver. 2.x).

Creating new result sets can  be useful in the following scenarios:

  1. You want to combine single samples, sequences, or a combination of both in order to reprocess them with a specific method.
  2. You want to combine data from different sources in the same result set.
  3. You want to shorten a sequence.


Before creating a new result set, consider your company's data integrity policies and procedures.


Steps to follow:


To be able to carry out the procedure as described, you need the privilege Data Processing > Create new result set. Privileges are configured in the OpenLab Control Panel.


  1. Start OpenLab CDS Data Analysis and load a Result Set that includes the desired data for new Result Set.

  2. To add data from other result set, load another Result Set as step1.

  3. Highlight the required injections:
    • To highlight a range of injections: Click the first injection in the range, hold down the [Shift] key, then click the last injection in the range.
    • To highlight multiple individual injections: Click the first injection, and hold down the CTRL key while clicking other injections.
  4. Right click selected data and execute Add Selected Injections to New Result Set from context menu.

  5. Go to the Processing tab and select the Create New Result Set button

  6. In the Result Set Creation dialog, re-order or remove injections and set the processing information for the Selected Injections 
    • Move injections up or down using the arrow buttons
    • Click the X button to remove a run from the list
    • To select a processing method Click Browse. The Processing Method can also be selected after the New Result Set creation.
    • Input a name for the new result set and click the Create button to finish.

  7. The selected injections and the processing method are copied into the new result set folder and automatically loaded in the Data Processing view. You can use it as any other result set.



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