How to export OpenLab System Activity Log and Diagnostics Logs for troubleshooting

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This Information Applies To: OpenLab CDS Chemstation (ver C.01.xx), OpenLab CDS EZChrom (ver A.04.xx), OpenLab CDS (ver. 2.x), OpenLab ECM XT



In case of troubleshooting for Workstation, Clients, or Instrument Controller as a part of an Agilent OpenLab system, the customer support representative may ask you to provide internal log files to troubleshoot your system. 

Gathering log files are two-part as OpenLab System Activity Log file and OpenLab Diagnostics Log files.
Please follow guidance from the Agilent support representative and also refer to the next steps.


Steps to Follow


  1.  Steps for saving System Activity Logs

    1. Start OpenLab Control Panel.
      1. You can find either icon to start Control Panel depending on the software versions

      2. Select the Administration view and select System Activity Log.

    2. Apply Filter conditions for optimizing output.
      1. Filter the Logs to minimize output and make it easier for finding issues inside the Activity Logs.
      2. Input proper terms to each field as User, Level, Subsystem, Description.
      3. If you have any guidance about specific values for each field by the remote engineers, please follow recommendations.
      4. For the fields: From/To make sure to include the duration of issues that happened, like start and end date/time of the troubled sequence.
        In the following picture, there is an example of filter settings.

    3. Output System Activity Log to PDF
      1. Select the Print button from the ribbon bar and select Print Detailed.

      2. The Activity Log Detailed Report window will be opened, then select the Export button and click PDF.

      3. Specify the destination of the System Activity Log report PDF files at your computer and click the Save button.

    4. Please send the exported PDF file to your Agilent support representative

  2.  Steps for saving Diagnostics Log files.
    1.  Start the OpenLab Control Panel as step A-1.
      Select  the Administration view  and select Diagnostics.

    2. Saving Diagnostics Logs.
      1. You can find two kinds of log files group at the toolbar.

      2. If your workstation is a Standalone system, please select Local Log files only.
      3. If your workstation is a part of a Client/Server system as Client, Instrument controller, or Server, please choose both Local Log files and Server Log files according to recommendations by the Agilent Representative.
      4. Click the Select All button then click the Save Logs button.
      5. Specify the destination for saving the log file as a Zip file to your local computer and click the Save button.

    3. Send the Zip file to your Agilent support representative.





Learn more on how to effectively troubleshoot your Agilent OpenLab systems:

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