How to replace the peristatic pump on 1290 Infinity (G4226x) and High Performance Autosamplers (G1367x)

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This Information Applies To: 1290 Infinity (G4226x) and  High Performance Autosamplers (G1367x).



The Peristaltic Pump needs to be replaced if it has stopped working due to worn tubing, if it is leaking, or as part of annual maintenance on the autosampler.




Steps to follow:

Please note the directional arrow on the peristaltic pump showing the direction of pump flow when the peristaltic pump is turned on.

Make sure that appropriate PPE is used for the chemicals used in this process. Nitrile gloves (or equivalent) and safety glasses are recommended.

  1. To remove the peristaltic pump, pinch the clips located at the top and bottom of the peristaltic pump and pull the pump straight off the motor rod.

  2. Remove the two tubes connected to the peristaltic pump by grasping and pulling on the tubing to pull it out past the spring on the peristaltic pump tubing. One tube goes to the rinse port, and the other goes to the solvent bottle.

  3. To replace the peristaltic pump, first install the tubing by firmly pushing into the peristaltic pump connector. The tubing from the solvent bottle goes to the bottom connector of the peristaltic pump, and the tubing going to the rinse port, connects to the top connector of the peristaltic pump.

  4. Line up the hole on the peristaltic pump with the motor rod and then firmly push the new peristaltic pump straight onto the motor rod until the clips at the top and the bottom of the peristaltic pump fully engage with the slits in the wall of the front wall of the autosampler. You should feel it snap firmly into place.

  5. Using either your CDS or the Instrument Control section of Lab advisor, turn on the peristaltic pump to check you have made the peristaltic pump connections correctly, there is no leaks and the flow is in the correct direction from the solvent rinse bottle to the rinse port of the autosampler.



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