Out of Memory Warning on MassHunter

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This Information Applies To: Agilent MassHunter GC/MS Data Acquisition (Rev. 10.0 and below)



Users running MassHunter GC/MS Data Acquisition with Microsoft Windows 10, may encounter incorrect warning messages about insufficient memory in the PC when starting the software or starting a sequence. the warning is due to changes in how Microsoft Windows 10 manages virtual memory and doesn't affect the MassHunter performance. Users just require acknowledgment when the software is started, and when the sequence is started. Before each injection, the alert message will go away after a few seconds and will not interrupt the acquisition. 



This issue has been resolved with the release of MassHunter GC/MS Data Acquisition Version 10 SR1. You can upgrade your software to the last revision to fix the issue or use the following procedure to avoid distractions by the warning.

Steps to Follow: 

The resolution concept behind the procedure is to disable the memory check test when the software or the sequence starts. After the modification of the msdchem.ini file, If the PC is actually out of memory, MassHunter will not check it and it is hard to investigate other issues without the memory check test.

1. Close the MassHunter software.

2. Find the file C:/GCMS/msexe/msdchem.ini.

3. Once you open the msdchem.ini in Notepad, please locate the line that starts with: [PCS], hit enter after [PCS] to add a new line below.

4. Write NOMEMSTEST=1 in the new line and save the note pad and this warning will be rectified. (See Figure 1)

MassHunter out of memory warning


Figure 1

1. File path

2. msdchem.ini file

3. Add the line "NOMEMSTEST=1" below [PCS]



  • The preceding procedure cannot be applied to MassHunter in compliance mode due to the file protection.


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