A Validated GC/MS/MS Solution for the Analysis of Pesticides in TOMA

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    Pesticides and other chemicals are used widely in tomatoe plantations. Residues may persist, possibly contaminating the tomatoe itself. European Community regulations determine the maximum allowed amounts of those compounds in tomatoes for its member states. Agilent offers a turn-key Solution covering: Sample preparation, GC-tandem MS analysis, Data Analysis, Validation Protocol, Full Agilent support.The working range goes from 0.01 mg/Kg to 0.50 mg/Kg for all analytes. LOQs, LODs, precision and recoveries are in accordance with DG SANCO guidelines. Sample preparation is done following QuEChERS approach: extraction with organic solvent followed by dispersive SPE with Bond Elut material. Sample analysis is performed with an Agilent GC 7890 and an Agilent 7000 triple quadrupole. All compounds are determined in a single analytical run.


    Publication number: 5991-4679EN.pdf

    Publication Date: May 2014