Technology Life Cycle Management

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Technology Life Cycle Management provides laboratory stakeholders with a strategy for managing the installed base of assets. From initial planning through final disposition, an effective life cycle strategy optimizes the total cost of ownership and delivers a flexible plan for managing the useful mechanical and economic life of laboratory equipment.

Historically, R&D, quality control and commercial laboratories have approached ownership from a consumables perspective. They buy the latest instrumentation, use it productively while it depreciates and pay operating costs until age, disrepair and underutilization render it useless.

Laboratory Operations

To break this buy-and-hold strategy, forward-looking laboratories are adopting technology life cycle strategies to assist them in controlling the size and mix of the installed base of laboratory equipment.

Agilent CrossLab brings together technology life cycle management, laboratory business intelligence and our laboratory advisory professionals to provide you with information, knowledge and advice to make decisions about your laboratory equipment life cycles.

  • Make evidence-based capital acquisition decisions
  • Manage the installed base to match the analytical methods, SOPs and laboratory testing cycles
  • Plan technology refresh to ensure that upgrades and replacements are timely, cost-effective and relevant
  • Migrate, trade-in, sell or donate underutilized instruments while they still retain useful and economic value


Agilent CrossLab’s laboratory advisors provide the thought leadership and industry knowledge needed to work with you on strategy and execution. Our Laboratory Business Intelligence capabilities provide the metrics, dashboards and reporting that you need to manage an effective life cycle management strategy. Together these services provide a master business plan for improving the performance of the laboratory’s equipment installed base.


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