Hi-vacuum gauge turning off intermittently/error code:[69][133][159][223]

Document created by yamame on Jul 9, 2020
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Hi, I wanted to share my experience with QTOF 5630 having hi-vacuum gauge turning off intermittently. 

To tell the conclusion, it was because of the low pressure of the nitrogen generator. Thanks to the Agilent tech support member who helped me nail down this issue!


Here is some summary of what I experienced.

  • Hi-vacuum gauge turning off intermittently. I saw an error and warning message as follows
  • Nitrogen regulator was around 95 psi before turning on the MS.
    • However, once the MS was on, the nitrogen regulator pressure went slowly down. And this caused the MS to shutdown. 
    • Here is a video I took that you can see how slowly nitrogen regulator pressure went down.


This issue was fixed after having the nitrogen generator serviced.


I hope this won't happen to you but if you did, I hope it helped!



Usage environment:

  • Windows 7
  • MassHunter Acquisition B 06.01
  • 1290 Multi sampler
  • 1290 High speed pump
  • 1260 RID
  • 1260 DAD
  • G6530B QTOF

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