Troubleshooting ICP-OES and ICP-MS Chillers (G3292A and G8481A)

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This Information Applies To: Agilent G3292A and G8481A Chillers used on ICP-OES and ICP-MS instruments


When experiencing issues with your Agilent chiller, please try a factory reset first, as shown in the steps below and in Figure 1:


1. Place the main power switch on the rear of the instrument in the OFF position .

2. Press and hold the "soft" power button on the front panel while returning the main power switch to the ON position (O).


           chiller reset 3

                                 Figure 1. Perform a Factory Reset of the chiller.


After performing a factory reset, you will need to set the chiller temperature to 20 degrees C:

1. Press the Select/Set knob on the front panel (right above the soft power button).

2. The decimal point at the bottom right of the display will flash, indicating that the temperature can be changed.

3. Rotate the Select/Set knob until the desired setpoint temperature (20 degrees C) is displayed.

4. The setting is accepted after the Select/Set knob is pressed a second time or automatically after a few seconds of inactivity.


If the factory reset doesn't help, and you are getting a "Lo H2O" error on the front display of the chiller, please check the fuses after ensuring the chiller is full of coolant:

Always unplug the chiller prior to removing any covers.

1. Unplug the chiller.

2. From the back of the chiller, slide off the top cover after removing the two screws on the left and right side, as shown in Figures 2 and 3:


back of chiller

           Figure 2. Remove the screws at the top on the back of the chiller.


removing the top cover of the chiller

                             Figure 3.  Remove the top cover of the chiller.


3. Then remove the 2 screws at the top of the front of the chiller, as shown in Figure 4:


remove screws at the top of the front of the chiller

                 Figure 4. Remove the screws at the top of the front of the chiller.



4. Once you have access to the main board, identify the 2 fuses, as shown in Figure 5:


check fuses

                     Figure 5. The 2 fuses on the main board of the chiller.


5. Remove and check the continuity of the 2 fuses with a multi-meter.

6. If new fuses are needed, they can obtained at any home improvement store.

7. Replace the bad fuse(s), and reassemble the screws and the top cover.

8. Turn on the main power to the chiller.


Learn more on how to effectively maintain and troubleshoot your Agilent ICP-OES Systems:

ICPOES-5110-1270e - Agilent 5110 ICP-OES Maintenance and Troubleshooting  e-Learning course on Agilent University 


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