7890/6890 Valve Stack Change

Version 1

    Pertinent models:  7890, 6890, 6890N


    The valve stack for the 7890 has changed, this also applies to the 6890 as the old valve parts are not compatible with the new parts. If a valve fails the entire stack assembly has to be changed.


    Parts Required:


    Part Number Description

    G1580-65111 1 Valve Stack

    G1580-65112 2 Valve Stack

    G1580-65113 3 Valve Stack

    G1580-65114 4 Valve Stack

    G1580-68000 Airtec Solenoid Valve w screws

    5185-8385 Elbow Fitting

    5185-8386 Male Fitting

    G1580-61097 Solenoid Valve End Plate Kit

    G1580-00071 Solenoid Valve Bracket

    5185-8382 Screw For Two Valve Stack(M4X50)

    5185-8383 Screw For Three Valve Stack(M4X70)

    5185-8384 Screw For Four Valve Stack(M4X85)