AssayMAP Protein Sample Prep Workbench v3.2 Release

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Dear AssayMAP Community,


We announce the launch of new larger capacity AssayMAP cartridges that allow you to address even more workflows with your existing AssayMAP Bravo system. The new cartridges will be released in stages starting with larger capacity PAW (G5496-60018) and SAW (G5496-60021) cartridges.



In addition to launching the new cartridges, we have a free-of-charge updated version of the workbench (v3.2.0.8) that is designed to simplify the use of your AssayMAP Bravo and enable the use of the new large capacity cartridges.


Lastly, we are launching a new wash station chimney that is required for the new large capacity cartridges but works for both the standard and larger capacity cartridges.



Larger capacity cartridges included in this launch

Cartridge Size

PAW Quantitative Binding Capacity

SAW Quantitative Binding Capacity

Current 5 µL Bed Volume Cartridge

100 µg IgG

50 µg B-BSA

New 25 µL Bed Volume Cartridge

800 µg IgG

300 µg B-BSA


  • Ordering information and cartridge capacity details can be found in the Cartridge Selection Guide.
  • More chemistries in the large capacity format will be coming soon. Please visit our AssayMAP community page to be keep up-to-date about new products and customer facing events. There are also valuable resources in the AssayMAP Resources section of this site.


Workbench 3.2 features include

  • Compatibility with both standard and large capacity cartridges
  • Improved Navigation
  • Method saving capabilities
  • Details of the new AssayMAP Workbench 3.2 can be found in the AssayMAP Protein Sample Prep Workbench 3.2  Large Cartridge PAW SAW Familiarization pdf attached below. This overview and overviews of previous software upgrades can in the resources section of the AssayMAP Community.


Wash Station Upgrade to accommodate the large capacity cartridges

  • The new larger capacity cartridges require new wide-bore chimneys in your wash station
  • The new chimneys are compatible with both standard and large capacity cartridges
  • We provide detailed and easy to follow instructions for replacing your current chimneys with the new wide-bore chimneys (part number G5409-68004) in the 96 Channel Wash Station Maintenance Guide



Again, thank you for your continued confidence in the AssayMAP Bravo platform. We look forward to hearing about the fantastic results that you achieve using the AssayMAP system.


AssayMAP Team