Operating MassHunter and OpenLab in the same computer (NOT A RECOMMENDED USE)

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This is not a supported configuration by

Agilent Technologies. 


You are able to use Masshunter for both LCMS,  LC and CE only.  LC/CE only starting with Masshunter version 7.


Note: Although operating MassHunter and OpenLab is not recommended to use on the same computer, my lab system was built as it is while before I came. And as much as I would like to use a different computer and a different LC system for each software, we only have one LC system and multiple detectors (DAD, RID, and QTOF). I will share how to operate these two conflict software on the same computer. But as I say it multiple times, avoid using this two software on the same computer if you can.


My system setup: 

MassHunter B 06.01: Using DAD and QTOF as a detector

  • 1260 infinity LC system (DAD, multisample, TCC, binary pump)
  • 6530 QTOF


OpenLab C. 01.07: Using RID as a detector

  • 1260 infinity LC system (RID, multisample, TCC, binary pump)




Switch to MassHunter to OpenLab

0. Status

  • Masshunter Acquisition ON
  • OpenLab OFF
  • 1260 infinity LC system (DAD, multisample, TCC, binary pump) ON
  • 6530 QTOF ON


1. Close MassHunter Acquisition (and all other apps)

2. Shutdown Engines

3. Remove MassHunter

4. Turn on RID

5. Open OpenLAB




Switch to OpenLab to MassHunter

0. Status

  • Masshunter Acquisition OFF
  • OpenLAB ON
  • 1260 infinity LC system (DAD, multisample, TCC, binary pump) ON
  • 6530 QTOF ON
  • RID ON


1. Close OpenLAB

2. Turn off RID


3. Smart shutdown


4. Wait till the green bar is full


5. Wait 3 seconds and power cycle (OFF-ON) MS

6. Wait 5 min

7. Open MassHunter



I hope you never need to use this, but if you will I hope it helped! 



Usage environment:

  • Windows 7
  • MassHunter Acquisition B 06.01
  • OpenLab C. 01.07
  • 1290 Multi sampler
  • 1290 High speed pump
  • 1260 RID
  • 1260 DAD
  • G6530B QTOF