Agilent J&W DB-624 UI Ultra Inert GC Capillary Column for Challenging Industrial Applications

Version 1

    Application Note

    Environmental and Industrial Chemicals



    A novel stationary phase for use with gas chromatography has been recently innovated. The new stationary phase has a composition of 6% cyanopropyl phenyl and 94% polydimethylsilooxane, and is commercialized as the Agilent J&W DB-624 UI Ultra Inert GC Column.


    In addition to traditional applications performed by the classical 624 type stationary phase, the DB-624 UI was found suitable for use in a number of difficult and challenging chromatographic applications that are atypical for this stationary phase. Demonstarted are the charracterization of oxygenated compounds in waste water, phenol and alkylated phenols used as anti-oxidant in fuels and lubricants, furans analysis for cellulose degradation monitoring, and sulpur compounds in hydrocarbons, to name a few.


    The stationary phase demonstrated a high degree of inertness with low bleed characteristics with a maximum operating temperature of up to 260 degree Celsius and a selectivity that is similar to the traditional 624 phase. The column is available in different dimensions and was found to be compatible with different GC techniques such as single or multi-dimensional gas chromatography, comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography, and hyphenated techniques such as GC/MS.


    Publication number: 5991-5197EN.pdf

    Publication Date: November 4, 2014