How to align the Agilent 7693A GC injector

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This Information Applies To: Agilent 7693 Automatic Liquid Sampler


Issue: Only use this alignment procedure if the injector hardware configuration has changed or if the Align Mode light comes on. 

Agilent does not recommend performing this procedure unless the Align Mode light turns on, or if Agilent Support requests it to be performed. The injector is factory-aligned prior to shipment and it is not necessary to align it after changing injectors.


Steps to follow to align the injector:

  • Remove all vials from the turret.
  • Open the injector door, remove the syringe, and close the injector door.
  • Use a long, narrow object to press the recessed Alignment button above the indicator lights. Avoid contact with anything behind or around the button inside the recessed hole



  • The orange Align Mode light is on until the following alignment procedure has been completed: 
    1. The turret rotates to verify that the syringe was removed, then rotates to determine what type of turret is installed.
    2. The syringe carriage moves all the way down, homes, then moves back up again.
    3. The syringe carriage steps down until it touches the turret. This sets its position relative to the turret.
    4. The syringe carriage moves down and the turret rotates to set its position relative to the syringe carriage position.
  • If any of these steps fail, the process will halt and the fault light will shine. If it halts at step b, confirm that the turret is installed correctly and press the Alignment button again. If it fails again, unplug the injector, reconnect it, and try one more time before obtaining Agilent service.
  • When the injector stops and the green Ready Light is on, the calibration is finished.
  • Open the injector door, install the syringe, and close the injector door.


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