High Resolution GC/MS Analysis of Ginkgolic Acids in Ginkgo biloba Plants, Extracts, and Dietary Supplements Using the Agilent 5975C Series GC/MSD

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    Food Testing & Agriculture



    A high-resolution GC/MS method using the Agilent 7890 GC and the Agilent 5975C Series GC/MSD has been developed and validated for the analysis of potentially harmful ginkgolic acid (GA) species that is superior to current HPLC methods. Ozonolysis was used to identify the position of double bonds in four different unsaturated GA isomers. The 15:1 isomer was dominant in all the plant samples, and the ratio of D10 to D8 GA15:1 can be used to determine the Ginkgo biloba plant part (seed or leaf) source of the GAs present in commercial dietary supplements and other ginkgo products.


    Publication number: 5991-5634EN.pdf

    Publication Date: March 12, 2015