KB: Useful Free Third-Party Software Tools

Version 2

    Agilent engineers like to have a few software tools on a USB drive when visiting a site, especially to help with troubleshooting. These are generally useful tools provided by other companies, and aren't necessarily specific to any particular computer, platform, or Agilent technology. You may find them useful, too!


    Before installing and using them, please be sure you have the right version for your system. If you have problems installing or using them, please contact the software providers.


    If you have other tools YOU would like to see here, please feel free to edit the document (click "Edit" at the right), add them in the editor, and click "Publish" (at the bottom) when you're done.



    Greenshot really speeds up data collection from customer PC, in particular as the screenshot can be directly saved to your USB stick just by pressing "PrtSc" (You may need to change the USB drive letter in Greenshot preferences)

    Free Screen Video Recorder

    If I need to collect a video, I use Free Screen Video Recorder


    Notepad++ is useful if you want to look at large text-based log files and for making notes


    LookInMyPC to get a full report on all that is installed on a PC including detailed PC information

    Virtual CloneDrive

    For installation, Virtual CloneDrive is very useful if you have the iso image available - a lifesaver if the DVD is faulty

    PDF Viewer Portable
    PDF Viewer Portable if no Adobe is installed on the PC (rare