Agilent J&W CP-Select 624 Hexane for Best Separation of Solvents and Hexane Isomers

Version 1

    Application Note

    Drug Development and Manufacturing, Food Processing and Packaging



    The Agilent J&W CP-Select 624 Hexane GC column, with an optimized G43 stationary phase, separates dichloromethane (DCM) from hexane isomers. This application note shows the separation as applied by pharmaceutical and food processing industries in India. Each column is tested with a special test mix that guarantees good column-to-column reproducibility. As with the specific separation of DCM, the USP <467> specification for the separation of acetonitrile and dichloromethane is in compliance, and tested for in every batch of stationary phase. Column selectivity is compared for two series using a multicomponent mix against two columns from another vendor.


    Publication number: 5991-6144EN.pdf

    Publication Date: August 7, 2015