Analysis of Artemisinin Using the Agilent 1200SL with Rapid Resolution High Throughput (RRHT) Columns and ChromSword Software

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    Development of a simple isocratic method for the analysis of artemisinin is accomplished with minimal operator interaction. After final mobile phase optimization, several additional columns are screened before final column choice. In this work, an automation program, ChromSword software, is used to aid the analysts in choosing the column suited for the analysis. An automated method development HPLC system can help busy scientists. Even when a powerful analytical technique, such as mass spectroscopy will be used, having sharp, well-resolved peaks will improve the quality of data and simplify the analysis. In this example, fully automated, unattended method development was performed during a six-hour period when the instrument would have otherwise not been used.


    Publication 5990-3617EN

    Publication Date March 9, 2009