• Software Leak Test Data Wizard for VS Series

    I have Software Leak Test Data Wizard for VS Series Leak Detectors, but have problem to reinstall because folder Data was corrupted the file data.cab missing. Failed to install. Can anyone help without need to buy new...
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  • What's the 'pin out' for the Diagnostic port? (3.55 mm 'stereo' plug)

    We'd like to log pressure from our PCG-750 gauge which has a 3.55 mm serial connection. Found nearly everything else needed in the "RS232C Serial Interface for Pirani Capacitance Diaphragm..." (Manual No. TQRa78e1), b...
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  • "Roughing, System Pressure Wait" Pumps wont work

    I have a Varion 979 now Agilent.  I have the pumps DS 302 and SD-451 attached.   When I turn on the unit the roughing pump usually starts as the unit warms up.  Today the roughing pump did not start sc...
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  • Varian 979

    Hi Ive got a Varian 979 leak tester, however after a few runs the fine leak test does not work.  If I use "Read standard Leak" then after it fails to switch on fine leak test. Can you please point me in the cor...
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  • P.V.R. (pomp per vuoto Rotant) EU 65B Rotary vac pump. Help

    I am looking for a manual with a parts list for this Vacuum.  In my searches, it seems Agilent purchased pvr, so I thought I would check here.  Thanks for any help you may be able to give me    Ken
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  • Does anyone have a manual for a Varian IG-10 Ion Gauge Controller?

    I recently bought a Varian IG-10 Ion Gauge controller and do not have a manual of even a pin-out listing.  I do not have a cable for it either so I need to at least know the pin-outs to connect it to my ion gauge...
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  • Varian 979: "turbo not ready"

    The turbo pump on a Varian 979 leak detector seems to not be working.  The fuse is fine.  In the "System Info" menu, it displays "TURBO NOT READY".  I can not find any explanation or troubleshooting adv...
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  • leak rate conversion

    We use VARIAN VS Series helium mass spectrometer leak detectors (MODEL MR15). This detector shows leak rate by atm*cc/s but we want to know the leak rate by ppmv.   So, could you give us the "total gas flow rat...
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  • Can I turn off the filament of a Varian 979 leak detector?

    I want to use a Varian 979 as a pumping station to pump-clean a cold head. The cold head was filled with pure He4, so the leak rate would overload. Can I turn off the filament of the mass spectrometer to prevent overl...
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  • Cartridge filter to suit 2710100100 Exhaust Filter,Vacuum Pump DS,

    The following product, 2710100100 Exhaust Filter,Vacuum Pump DS, this is a new complete oil mist filter unit (filter housing + filter cartridge), however, is it possible that the replacement filter cartridge exists as...
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  • Vacuum pump

    Afternoon, I have a Agilent Pump, MS 120 RVP 41  Model # X3702-64100  Ser # IT1723N022. I cannot find any documents on this pump I tried searching for both the MS 120 and the X 3702, My main question is ther...
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