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I have Software Leak Test Data Wizard for VS Series Leak Detectors, but have problem to reinstall because folder Data was corrupted the file missing. Failed to install. Can anyone help without need to buy new CD Software ? withou need to buy new buy CD sofware installer ?
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We'd like to log pressure from our PCG-750 gauge which has a 3.55 mm serial connection. Found nearly everything else needed in the "RS232C Serial Interface for Pirani Capacitance Diaphragm..." (Manual No. TQRa78e1), but cannot find the corresponding 'pin out' anywhere. Any help would be appreciated.
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I have a Varion 979 now Agilent.  I have the pumps DS 302 and SD-451 attached.   When I turn on the unit the roughing pump usually starts as the unit warms up.  Today the roughing pump did not start screen just says "Roughing System Pressure Wait".  Tried to engage the system to measure a leak rate to engage the Turbo Pump; still nothing.  All… (Show more)
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