• How to perform Repeatability Calculation with Openlab Intelligent Reporting

    Hi,   Check out this video if you ever wonder how repeatability calculation is done either by Excel or Openlab Chemstation Intelligent Reporting. Case 1: Allowable difference is constant   Repeatability Ca...
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  • Chemstation Macro to run multiple sequences

    Hello,    I am trying to run multiple sequences in a row via Chemstation software for GC. Since it is an older version of Chemstation, I cannot use Sequence Queue option. I have managed to create a mac...
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  • Out of Memory Warning on MassHunter

    Agilent Support Engineer Insights   This Information Applies To: Agilent MassHunter GC/MS Data Acquisition (Rev. 10.0 and below)   Issue: Users running MassHunter GC/MS Data Acquisition with M...
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  • Peak Purity in Openlab CDS 2.3version

    Dear All, we are using openlab CDS2.3 Version and i have done some trial with force degradation of API and using the openlab CDS 2.3 version gave some weird result of peak purity and spectra with standard and degrade...
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  • How to calculate SST in OpenLab CDS 2.5 ?

    Hello,   We work with the following sequence table :   Quality tests are requested on all injections :  - RSD < 1% for the retention time of the Methyl Paraben - Asymmetry between 0.8 and 1.2...
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  • Sequence in "pending" and "aborting" status

    Hi everyone! I work with a 8890 CG system equipped with a FID detector and a CombPAL sampler, all them controlled by OpenLab 3.2 software and often has occurred a problem when a sequence is submitted where the sequenc...
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  • Delayed injections possible ?

    Hello all   Back with EzChrome Elite, wecould delay the start of a sequence.   Is there such feature with Openlab CDS v2.4 ? Or is there a script we could make that could start a sequence (or blank r...
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  • Sequence in Coloums OpenLab CDS 2.3

    Dear all,    we use OpenLab CDS 2.3 and in our proccedure we use 96nunc Plattes.  When we create the Sequence and FillDown the Vial Position OpenLab create the nummeration in lines.    Is t...
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  • How to add a GC instrument in OpenLab CDS (Ver 2.x)

    Agilent Support Engineer Insights   This Information Applies To: OpenLab CDS (Ver 2.x)   Issue: The following procedure shows how to add a GC instrument in OpenLab CDS (Ver 2.x) Steps to Foll...
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  • How to check the signal-to-noise ratio with OpenLab CDS (ver 2.x)

    Agilent Support Engineer Insights   This Information Applies To: Agilent OpenLab CDS (ver 2.x)   Issue: The following procedure shows how to check the signal-to-noise ratio in OpenLab CDS (ver 2.x)...
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  • Calculate RSD on alternating injections

    Hello,   I want the be able to calculate the RSD of our reference injections, but we need to do it each time with a different injection. I'm out of inspiration to get them grouped together. This is the situation...
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  • MassHunter 4.5 & 7700x: BootP MAC address issue

    Hello,   I recently replaced a SmartCard in my 7700x and have not been able to communicate with the mass spec via MH. The IP settings appear to be correct for the peer to peer connection ( PC; ...
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  • Internal Standards - Openlab

    Hi Folks, currently we use factors instead of a calibration in EZChrom regarding our I.S. method, (see attached). How would we translate this into an Openlab 2 I.S. method?
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  • Sulphur in gas analysis calibration.

    Hi all, I currently use EZchrom to analyse for Mercaptans in Hydrocarbons. We are switching over to Openlab 2. The calibration in the EZchrom is calculated as amount squared which gives a straight line graph. The Open...
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  • Can you access the OpenLab ECM with Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome? We have always used Internet Explorer, but our IT department is planning to phase IE out.

    We are using OpenLab ECM
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  • OpenLab USP S/N differences

    Hi, OpenLAB CDS EZchrom Edition A.04.07 SR2 has two potential sources for the calculation of USP signal to noise in the advanced custom parameters table. 1. Signal to noise USP and 2. Signal to n...
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  • How to quickly generate Standard Deviation report with Chemstation Classic Reporting

    Hi,   Do you know Chemstation does have a built-in template to quickly calculate standard deviation, relative standard deviation and even 95% confidence interval ? Pretty sure you need the standard deviation for...
    created by petertran
  • Masshunter acquisition and reports fail

    445/5000 Hi guys, I have a GC7820 with headspace 7697 ,  detector FID  and I am using the Masshunter software version Enhance ChemiStation MSD F.01.00.1903  and  GC/MS Acquisition B...
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  • Seq and report info changed after upgrading to C.01.10

    We recently updated our PCs to Windows 10 and at the same time upgraded from C.01.07 to C.01.10 OpenLab Chemstation.  I've noticed a few differences that I am wondering if I can change somehow.   1.  T...
    created by wmbigham
  • 3D desactivado DAD 1200

    Buenas Tardes  antiguamente mi Software de OpenLab y con mi detector DAD tenia la opción de 3D ahora no se encuentra en las opciones del menú  
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