• How to quickly generate Standard Deviation report with Chemstation Classic Reporting

    Hi,   Do you know Chemstation does have a built-in template to quickly calculate standard deviation, relative standard deviation and even 95% confidence interval ? Pretty sure you need the standard deviation for...
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  • Openlab Chemstation Intelligent Report Tutorial Video

    Hi Community,   Below are the video I've published about how to make use of Openlab Chemstation Intelligent Report in your every work. Hope you find them useful.   Video 1: Convert your unit of measurement...
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  • MassHunter 4.5 communication error with 7700x

    #I am currently battling with MH 4.5 and a generic communication error that has cascaded into me not being able to bring the 7700x into “shutdown” mode for ~6 weeks now. I have had numerous calls with tech...
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  • Sample chromatogram and integration parameter window

    Question 1: I am new user GCMS 5977B 8890  for  IEM metabolic disorders at Mass Hunter quant window when  the  batch is  open and when  the  sample chromatogram open to  be...
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  • Open Labs EZChrom Edition compared to Open Labs 2.x

    Hello, we currently using OpenLabs EZChrom Edition. We planning to get Open Labs 2.5. What are the main benefits of the newer Open Labs. Also the comparison between Open Labs 2.1 and 2.5 would be usefull....
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  • Openlab Chemstation Intelligent Report Tutorial Video: ABCs to create a report with two different units of measurement

    Hi Community,   I've just created a video to share about a couple of basic functions in intelligent report in which you can apply to create your own report with two different units or calculations. Please click ...
    created by petertran
  • Tutorial - How to automatically provide maintenance for PostgreSQL db as default engine for OpenLAB ECM XT

    Dear community,   unfortunately Agilent does not provide official tutorial for automatic maintenance PostgreSQL database as a default database engine for OpenLAB ECM XT (or Content Management). I would like to s...
    created by majkee
  • Capillary Electrophoresis

    Hi Agilent Community,   Can you do more software tutorials on CE?    Some topics to include are as follows:  Setting up method, setting up a single calibration with an external standard, data an...
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  • Exporting peak list from MassHunter to xml file

    Hi,       How can I export the peak list from MassHunter Qualitative which is in the form of .D into XML file? I am using version B.08.00.   Thanks!
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  • Unknowns Analysis LIMS report and combining results with quant

    Is there a LIMS template available in the unknown analysis side?  I like to have the target and the non-target results exported and group together it is possible.  As I record in the EnviroQuant (ChemStation...
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  • Openlab CDS Chemstation edition or Openlab CDS-2?

    Hello everyone! Which one do you prefer in 2019, Openlab CDS Chemstation edition or Openlab CDS-2 and why, some standard list of pros and cons maybe? The 7890B instrument has 2 FIDs, two capillary columns in the sam...
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  • open lab and chem station software

     HI everyone what's the difference between  opnlab CSD  & chem station software , and I ask can we use the openlab CSD instead of chem station in GC 7890A ?    Regards  Abtisam
  • a newer Open lab software revision

    Hi all We  planning to buy a new Agilent 8890 for natural gas ASTM 1945,One Channels TCD,DC200 Packed Column, WINDOWS 10. What the newer Open lab software revision and what revision you recommend...
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  • Strange 6890 GC issue

    Hi everyone I have a strange issue to report. We are using a 6890GC with FID and TCD that was upgraded many years ago to give use LAN communication rather than GPIB. It works great even though it is over 20 years ol...
    created by james_jenkins
  • Sequence window won't open during run CHemstation

    During a run on our HPLC I am not able to pull up the sequence table on the Chemstation software and we had been able to previously. Are there any work arounds or ways to fix this? Chemstation C.01.07[27]
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  • Deconvolution Applications for MSD

    The attached file  "Deconvolution_Discussion_20191101.pdf " presents some results were have seen recently using Agilent's deconvolution applications.   All information exchange is welcome as w...
    created by trifecta
  • Calibration - suggestions: implementation of compound qualifiers, LOQs (OpenLAB CDS)

    Dear agilent-team,   With OpenLAB CDS 2.3 it is finally possible to quantify compounds or groups using a reference calibration curve if the reference compound is missing in the sample injection (KPR# 124594) - w...
    created by berndh
  • OpenLAB eFamiliarization / Tutorials (Chemstation, EZChrom, CDS 2.x)

    Tutorials and eFamiliarization for OpenLAB CDS 2.x, Chemstation, and EZChrom Editions can be accessed online without any discs or installing any software.   Go to Laboratory Informatics Support Center (http://ww...
    created by ryan_ohearn
  • Tips on posting in the Software forum.

    Greetings Community Members, In the Agilent Community Software forum all questions are welcome and encouraged. To encourage engagement of community members we suggest those who post should include as much detail as t...
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  • New features for next version of Method Scouting Wizard?

    What new features do you want to see in the next version of Method Scouting Wizard? Feel free to give us input on how you use Agilent Method Scouting Wizard right now and which features you are dreaming of.
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